Prior to 2011, each station was not staffed with enough personnel, equipment, and adequate training. With Tim’s leadership and support of the Emergency Service Department has enabled the county’s fire services to meet 24/7 ACLS staffing requirements in all stations. In addition to resolving manning concerns, equipment, and location requests were met by:

  • Building 2 new fire stations (5 & 11)
  • Planning build out of 2 more fire stations (3 & 12)
  • Purchasing new tankers, ladder & fire trucks, and ambulances
  • Providing a second set of firefighting gear for all firefighters
  • Integrating a digital station alerting system
  • Acquired a new dependable radio system (FREM) to ensure communication capability that connects all necessary government personnel.
  • Replaced CPR devices and defibrillators with the latest state of the art equipment

Many more improvements have been made over time, altogether increasing first responder readiness, reducing response times, surely saving lives!


Much progress has been made working with the sheriff’s department. Funding for our deputies is absolutely crucial to keeping us safe and protecting our county. 

The Board of Supervisors heard the feedback from the community about the concerns over school safety and now Spotsylvania County is the first county in the Commonwealth of Virginia to have School Resource Officers in every school. 

Increased the number of road deputies, court deputies, call takers, dispatchers, animal control deputies, detectives, and animal shelter workers. Increased presence on Lake Anna. All of this has improved the Sheriff’s Office ability to fulfill its mission. 

A new Computer-Aided Dispatch system is currently being integrated.

Increased the number of propane vehicles (no initial costs, clean air, better economically.

Paid for and Authorized by the Friends of Tim McLaughlin