The county has been growing at just above 1% growth rate year over year. Absence of business growth, taxes can rapidly increase to provide public services to the community and offer competitive salaries to county employees. In order to maintain sustainability in the business industry and local job retention there has to be enough consumers. Combined with the building of residential developments, tax revenues increase enabling the Board of Supervisors to improve infrastructure, county employee salaries, and public facilities . This is always a balancing act and trying to maintain moderate growth so not to change the composition of Spotsylvania County is something he has always focused on. 

Unemployment rates are at the lowest in 11 yrs (2.6 % as of Apr 2019) here in Spotsylvania County.  700 new businesses and an increase of 6300 people working in Spotsylvania since 2011.

Sales Tax revenue has  steadily increased over Tim’s 7 years as supervisor, reaching $18 million, the highest in Spotsylvania history.

Tim promotes the county as the ideal destination for businesses to reside. He supports moderate growth, has minimized borrowing, resulting in the county’s bond rating upgraded to the AAA level, enabling your property taxes to remain low. In the 7 years as the Chancellor Supervisor he has never voted for a tax increase!

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