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Did you know? Concerning job growth in 2018, Educational Services lead the way and was up over 15%. Also in 2018, Retail Sales were up 2.8% and outpaced the Commonwealth Average of 2.0%. I have and will continue to support my fellow Spotsylvania citizens by providing the mechanisms that foster a strong economy.

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Did you know? Unemployment rates are at the lowest in 11 yrs (2.6 % as of Apr 2019). Sales Tax revenue has steadily increased over my 7 years as supervisor, reaching $18 million, the highest in Spotsylvania history.

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Never Forget!

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1 week ago

Tim McLaughlin 4 Chancellor Supervisor

Dear "Wanda": Perhaps when you wish to spew diversionary conspiracy theories you might want to use old school math rather than Common Core math. If you had done so, you would have realized that $600,000 + $500,000 does not equal 1.2 million (The quoted cost of the blue field).

Also, if you read the official released accounts of when payments were made, when they were were reported to law enforcement and the Board of Supervisors, you would see that Tim McLaughlin’s dates are correct and that the school board reported "false facts".

Rather than the FBI, Secret Service, and Department of Homeland Security looking into our Facebook page maybe they should be looking into the corruption within our school division, as well as, the people that continue to help cover it up.

There is a very loud faction of people within our community that are clearly more distraught that the facts came out about this theft then they are that the theft occurred.

EVERYONE should be concerned that certain members of the school board spent the entirety of the very first school board meeting after this theft became public, trashing members of our community and Board of Supervisors rather than addressing the failure in policy that allowed the theft to occur.

*Credit to the Freelance Star (They never made a sharable link for this article)

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