Graduated from VMI as a Mechanical Engineer.

Tim served in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer for 20 years. Serving his country with distinction making a difference.  He retired at the rank of LT Colonel. 

He is married and raising two children here in our beloved county.

He has served 7 years as the Chancellor District representative for the Board of Supervisors.

Tim has been involved in scouting with his father and son for many years. Volunteering as a committee chair and given hundreds of hours in community service and mentoring scouts shaping them into future leaders of our county.

Tim has the endorsement of the past 5 Spotsylvania Republican Committee chairpersons.

In previous campaigns, Tim had campaigned on a set of talking points: low taxes, property rights, and job creation. Look no further than his voting record as a Board of Supervisor, it reflects those unwavering principles. His campaign promises have been kept and for that, our county has prospered. Let’s continue to support Tim and in doing so, our community benefits from such effective policies.involved

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